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In today’s global marketplace, companies need to speak the language of business – in any language.  But for most organizations, maintaining an in-house translation team is too costly and too complex.  OHT simplifies the online translation process and solves enterprise translation challenges by aligning certified expert translators with advanced technology to deliver business-grade translation services at the speed of your business.

At OHT, we provide translation, localization, proofreading, and transcription services -all through our streamlined, interactive project management tool that puts you in control.  Our clients enjoy access to our website localization technology, WeST, translation API, translation memory, individual translation glossaries, and a customization of service-level expectations, all at no extra cost.  We have developed our business model to align with unique challenges experienced by businesses with regular translation needs to make your translation projects as simple, cost-effective and efficient as possible.   

We have over 15,000 certified expert translators working in more than 75 languages, ready to handle all of your translation needs.  With direct access to native language experts, 24/7 support and competitive pricing, partnering with OHT is like having an in-house translation team, right at your fingertips.  We speak your language, know your industry, and deliver results when you need them.

Find out more about how OHT can help your business reach a global audience.  Call us at 1-800-720-3722 or email hello@ohtenterprise.com


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