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Are you bogged down with too many translation projects?  Let OHT take some of the load off, so you can focus on what matters most.  OHT serves as your in-house translation expert.  We are available when you need us, to provide professional, human translation, even on the weekends.  Our main goal is to provide you with accurate, professionally translated documents that improve your business or organization.  To make things more efficient, we’ve simplified the translation process online by leveraging advanced technologies and innovations, which in turn frees up more of your time so you can focus on more important and pressing matters.

OHT acts as a subcontractor to hundreds of translation companies worldwide.

We provide:

●  Only native-speaking, professional, human translators

●  Subject matter experts in a variety of industries and languages

●  ISO 9001 Certified

Weekend Special:

Projects valued at $500 or more will receive a dedicated account manager who will coordinate all instructions and requirements throughout the weekend and ensure on-time delivery at the start of the week.

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