Translator Quality Review

 The quality of your translation is important.  That is why we maintain constant monitoring and assessment of all of our professional translators.

Real Time Reviews (RTR)

Our unique, 3-step quality assurance program gives you the confidence that your translation projects adhere to both the market and your expectations.  With RTR, all of our translators and their work are continuously reviewed on 20 different measures and rated by other native-speaking translators with the same subject matter expertise.

Client Reviews

We encourage our clients to participate in the translation process by providing feedback regarding the quality of their project.  Translators are rated on a scale of 5 stars, contributing to the total 10-point translator rating that gives you the confidence that your project is in great hands.

Direct Communication with Translators

Our user portal gives you the ability to communicate directly with your translator and provide translator-specific instructions during every phase of the project.  Additionally, translators can contact you when clarification is needed regarding the source text.  This ensures your message is conveyed exactly they way you intended.

Dynamic Translator Allocation

With over 15,000 professional translators located all over the world, there is no project too large or small. If additional translator support is needed due to increased project size or shortened deadlines, we will allocate additional translators to your project at no additional cost.


Our collaborative process ensures you’re matched with the right translator, who has the skill and expertise necessary to make your project successful.



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