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Targeted, Accurate Human Translation at the Speed of Your Business

Translation projects are an integral part of a globalized business, however, all too often they can end up costing the business both time and resources. That is why we removed bulky management layers and invested in cutting-edge services that are fast, efficient and cost effective. That way, you get an expertly translated product and the freedom to focus and be efficient in your own job, without wasting time translating documents.

OHT helps your business succeed by operating like an extension of your in-house team. We understand your business, and work in partnership with you to achieve your goals. Best of all, our intuitive, efficient and transparent project management system keeps you informed and in control throughout your translation project. No middleman, no interference, only results.

Partnering with OHT provides essential business benefits. As an ISO 9001 certified company, OHT offers unmatched speed and reliability. Our translation technology makes it easy to generate repeat projects with streamlined workflow without having to forklift or purchase new technology or processes. It’s enterprise-grade translation service, with a genuine, human approach.

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Our exclusive services include:
  • Translation

    Translation Services is at the core of what we do at OHT.  Whether you need a 200-word document translated, or a 200-page whitepaper, we have the experience, personnel and resources needed to get the job done in an effective and accurate manner.


  • Proofreading

    Your company image directly reflects the messaging you communicate on your website, mailings, and other customer-facing material.  Whether it’s translated or not, you need to be confident in your message.  OHT’s professional proofreaders utilize years of language experience to ensure your copy is without error.

  • Transcription

    The power of text is essential.  OHT’s Transcription Services provide a community of over 7,000 human transcription specialists, ready to meet your needs.  Whether you need a meeting, presentation, or recording transcribed, OHT’s cloud-based transcription service enables you to easily upload a file to our secure server for fast and reliable service.

  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing

    Aligning professional company materials to match different languages and cultures takes time.  With OHT’s Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services, we will modify the layout, style and design so that it is adapted for foreign markets.  Imagine converting an English brochure into Japanese characters, Arabic where text reads right-to-left, or even German where text is approximately 20% longer.

  • Localization

    More often then not, a translation project needs more than just the translation service.  It needs to be localized to match to local language, culture and conventions.  OHT’s Localization Services enable your software or product to look and feel like it was specially created for the target market.

  • Website Localization

    At OHT, we understand the importance of context.  When translating a website, it is critical to take into account local languages, cultures and conventions.  OHT’s Website Localization Services enable your website to communicate to a wide array of cultures while respecting their cultural and social conventions.

  • Marketing Translation

    To translate marketing materials so that the message is conveyed to the target audience in the most accurate and efficient manner requires a deep understanding of the content as well as the local target audience and market.  That’s why OHT’s expert marketing translators live in-country, so that they are able to adjust the marketing copy to match their local market and target segments

  • Mobile Applications

    OHT’s Mobile Application Translation Services improves the user experience of your mobile app for users of different languages.  Translating and localizing your app so that it adheres to the target language and culture norms enables your mobile app to broaden its reach, gain exposure and generate more revenue.

  • Software Localization

    In order to create software for users from all over the world, localization is a must.  Providing a product that looks and feels like it was specifically created for the target market, while taking into account cultural and local sensitivities, greatly increase your chance for success. 

  • Video Translation

    We understand the difficulty of maintaining a video clip in several languages.  We can help with video translation by providing a translation tool that translates subtitles for your video project.

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