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OHT is a global B2B language service provider that expertly translates and localizes products, services and communication for international markets.  Partnering with OHT is like hiring an in-house translator that knows 75 languages and works 24/7, but at a fraction of the cost.  Our proven project management methodology and advanced technology simplify your translation projects, so you can achieve real business impact in record time without additional overhead. 

At OHT, we take pride in being available at your fingertips, whenever you need us.  Our certified, top-rated native speakers work to deliver business-grade translations that meet your specific goals.  We offer multiple levels of services based on your needs, ranging from translation and localization to marketing collateral and desktop publishing.

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●Website Localization

●Marketing Translation

●Multilingual Desktop Publishing

●Mobile Apps


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Subject Matter Translation Experts, At Your Fingertips

At OHT, we understand that translation is more than substituting word for word.  It demands an understanding of the context and culture.  That’s why all of our certified, professional translators are also subject matter experts.  Whether the success of your case depends on the translation of a detailed legal brief, or you need region-sensitive marketing materials for a global campaign, you’ll work in partnership with an OHT translator that is equipped with the subject matter expertise and technical know-how needed to contextually translate your document.  That way, we ensure that your message is being communicated exactly the way you intended, in any language.

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Simplifying the Online Translation Process

At OHT, we make global businesses successful by simplifying the online translation process.  We put you in control of your translation project by providing you with an intuitive user portal where you can start and track your translation projects, communicate directly with your professional translator, and manage all account options.  All translation projects utilize our certified, transparent project management methodology and follow ISO 9001:2008 certification.

WeSTTM, our website translation service, allows customers to translate their sites into any language, and with minimal to no coding. Our technology automatically scans for content updates on your site, and places the translation in the right place on your website, removing any effort on your side. All of this without charges or subscription fees.

Our Translation API allows organizations to automate translation workflow within their content management system or development environment. The API securely launches, monitors and communicates translation jobs, bypassing the need of a project manager.

Our technology includes:

WeST- Website translation & localization

Translation API -Seamless software localization

Translation Memory Technology 

Transbox - Email translation 



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