Translation Technology

Simplifying Online Translation

We leverage advanced technologies that simplify the online translation process and optimize your projects for speed, comfort and efficiency.

All translation projects utilize our certified, transparent project management methodology and follow ISO 9001:2008 certification.  You can rest assured that your translation project will be completed in an efficient and accurate manner that meets your needs and expectations. 



Lingui, by OHT Mobile, allows you to translate your app into multiple languages with a click of a button.  Lingui scans your app, extracts the stings and automatically sends them for human professional, crowd or machine translation.  Your app automatically updates by downloading the new languages directly from the cloud, eliminating the need to send updates to the Google Play or iTunes App stores.


WeST, OHT’s Website Localization tool, is an easy and an efficient way to translate any website that does not have a multi-lingual content management system.  Localize your site to any language- with minimal to no coding.  Our technology automatically scans for content updates on your site, and places the translation in the right place on your website, removing any additional effort from you. 


OHT’s Translation API enables you to automate translation workflow within your current content management system (CMS) and provides a direct interface to professional translation services in real-time.  Scaling with your business, the API integrates seamlessly into your CMS and automatically translates as you post new material to your site, without any further investment or training.

Translation Memory Technology

OHT’s Translation Memory Technology reuses previously translated common phrases and sentences stored on a database in the cloud, saving you time and money.  Our Translation Memory Technology allows us to work faster and smarter for your translation projects, freeing up time to focus on the more challenging language.


TransBox, OHT’s Email Translation Service, allows easy translation of any email from any language.  TransBox empowers you with a quick and easy way to communicate with your customers in their native language, almost in real time.  This is the perfect solution for customer service departments and ongoing international projects.

Workflow Management

Our unique infrastructure is unprecedented among translation & localization companies.  Automatic project submission is paired with intelligent algorithms that assign the right translators to your project.  Completed projects are sent to you directly, avoiding time consuming middle-men and project managers trying to juggle workflows manually.

Project Portal

Log into your customized project portal, submit assignments, communicate directly with the translators working on your projects, watch the project count-down to completion clock, and more!

Coming Soon:  Assign users with special roles to your portal account and manage workflows among multiple users.


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